Kentucky Collegiate Quick Recall League


Welcome to the Kentucky Collegiate Quick Recall League.  Our league is comprised of colleges throughout the state of Kentucky and surrounding regions.  If you are interested in joining our league, please contact Peter Rodski or Matt Church.

The purpose of the Kentucky Collegiate Quick Recall League is to promote amiable competition within an academic setting.  Through the academic tournament process, the KCQRL hopes to foster good will and provide a forum in which academic excellence may be rewarded throughout the commonwealth of Kentucky and surrounding areas.

Our league was formed in 1988, under the direction of Barbara Napier, Linda Cornett, and Gordon Loberger.  It began with a small tournament at Murray State University, including Murray State, Western Kentucky University, Tennessee Martin, and Austin Peay State University.  Since then the league has seen over 30 colleges and universities compete on a regular basis throughout the year.  Currently, our League Champion in Division I is the University of Kentucky and in Division II it is the University of Louisville.  Jefferson Community & Technical College is the defending national champion at the CC level.